Kindberg Mechanical Corporation serves the entire HVAC market as both a service company and a supplier of equipment and parts. We focus on providing the industry with unsurpassed service and product offerings in order to sustain maximum performance of HVAC systems 100% of the time.

Kindberg Mechanical Corporation found its roots in January of 2010 after a distinct need was identified for a new kind of Service Company in the field of HVAC. Traditional service companies focus primarily on repairing the HVAC unit itself. While this is adequate some of the time, in order to truly maximize the efficiency of an entire HVAC system as a whole one must assess the ductwork, controls, airflow distribution in addition to just the rooftop or air handler unit. Kindberg Mechanical Corporation is unique in that it was born out of a group of certified Testing and Balancing engineers. Simply put, we measure the airflow/hydronic rates and wet-bulb temperatures. In doing so we know the actual BTU’s of energy being added or removed by an HVAC system and can evaluate the performance of the entire system as a whole. This saves the end user energy and money.

When traditional service companies simply say “replace the unit”, Kindberg Mechanical Corporation will assess all aspects of the system, most importantly the flowrates and temperatures. Granted there are times when equipment needs to be replaced, but if you aren’t measuring, you do not have the proper information to troubleshoot or assess the true performance of the system. We have found over the years that in many cases, underperforming HVAC systems can be easily fixed with simple modifications to the ductwork instead of the more expensive replacement of the equipment itself. Kindberg Mechanical Corporation employs technicians that are certified in Testing and Balancing in addition to Commercial System Performance in order to troubleshoot and maintain systems.

We utilize the simple: “IDENTIFY, REPAIR, MAINTAIN” strategy while serving our customers

  • IDENTIFY: Recognize the problem and deficiencies in the system by utilizing properly calibrated measuring instrumentation and troubleshooting techniques.
  • REPAIR: Implement recommended repairs and modifications to the HVAC system to provide optimum performance.
  • MAINTAIN: Continually maintain the system on a regimented schedule and continuously monitor performance of the HVAC system.

Kindberg Mechanical Corporation’s difference is that we don’t guess, we measure.

The name Kindberg comes from John W. Kindberg: A 1940’s pattern maker that served in WW2. John had two distinct traits: He could pattern any mechanical components out of wood prior to being machined out of metal, and he could always make you laugh. His hard work ethic, moral integrity, and ability to always be able to have fun are all traits that we strongly encourage at Kindberg Mechanical Corporation today. Kindberg Mechanical Corporation’s owner Brandon Wellington holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University and is an NBC Certified Professional.

Core Values

  • Reliability - Solve problems before they become emergencies. Be there for the client and provide solutions in every situation, at all times.
  • Integrity - Possess and adhere to a high level of moral principles and professional standards.
  • Knowledge - It all starts with knowing what you are doing.

5 Founding Principles

  • Constant Improvement - Put yourself in the clients shoes. Realize that this is one of the most competitive industries out there. Keep service costs down as much as possible. Get in and get out. Do as much as possible to not interfere with the everyday operation of the clients establishment. Focus on solving the problem.
  • Focus on the Customer’s Needs- Possess and adhere to a high level of moral principles and professional standards.
  • Communication - Maintain an open line of communication with the system user, coworkers and any other third parties involved on a job. Report any safety concerns at all times.
  • Keep it Simple. - HVAC is not rocket science. It is moving air through duct work. Sometimes the air is heated and sometimes it is cooled. Listen to the customer and find out what they truly want in their system.